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tougher than tangles.jpg

Economical and Awesome

Tougher than Tangles Slicker.

Great for all breed brushing.

metal comb.jpg

Andis Metal Comb

Andis metal comb. Always comb through after brushing to make sure you didn't leave any tangles behind. 

Quadruped Tearless Shampoo

Great for at home baths!


Composure Pro

Anti-anxiety and calming treats. Great for pups who are nervous or super hyper for grooming. Also provides calming for those scaredy pups when thunderstorms come around.

chris christensen brush.jpg

The Best!

Chris Christensen Coral Slicker Brush.

GREAT for poodles and doodles!

zoom groom.jpg

Zoom Groom

Zoom Groom is wonderful for short hair breeds like boxers. They really pull all that dead coat out!

Skouts Honor Detangler

Wonderful leave in conditioner and detangler. Spray before home brushing!

Zymox for Ears

Zymox Enzymatic Solution with 1.0% Hydrocortisone for acute and chronic ear issues.

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