At Groomingdales Dog Salon, your pet is very important to us. We would like to assure you that every effort will be made to make your pets grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible!

We offer a variety of grooming services that can be tailored to your pets’ individual needs and your specific wants. We are a full service dog grooming salon that provides bathing, grooming, teeth brushing, nail filing, flea baths, mud treatments and much more. 

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Bath & Brush packages include two baths (one to wash the grime away and one to make sure your pup is squeaky clean), a light conditioner rinse, blow dry and fluff out, nails trimmed, breath spray, and ears cleaned. All pups leave with a spritz of cologne and a bandanna or bow. 


Deshed packages include everything in the bath and brush package PLUS a 20 minute soak in a deshed solution and lots and lots of brushing to remove all the dead undercoat. Paw trim and sani trim included if your pup needs it. All pups leave with a spritz of cologne and a bandanna or bow. 


Haircut packages include everything in the bath package and are completely customizable. We specialize in breed standard trims, pet trims and any custom trim you can think of. If you would like just a quick face and paw trim, we can do that too! All pups leave with a spritz of cologne and a bandanna or bow. 


Hand stripping is a grooming method that involves plucking/pulling out the dog’s hair, always in the direction it grows.

No this doesn't hurt the dog! Hand stripping allows the coat to maintain its harsh wiry texture as well as color.

Price Menu

Prices listed below reflect our BASE price for dogs who are on a maintained 6 week grooming schedule. Each dog is different and requires different steps to achieve the best grooming possible. Prices can vary from appointment to appointment depending on your pups needs.

Additional charges for excessive coat overgrowth, excessive matting and dematting, excessive shedding or brushing, pre-shaving, fleas, skin issues, add on services, hand scissoring, coat stripping, etc.

Because of their variety, doodles are difficult to provide price quotes for. Consequently, when you ask for a price for your doodle, we may provide a large range. We will be able to give a more precise quote upon seeing your dog and the condition of its coat. No quote will be final until we have fully groomed your dog and they have reached full size with a full adult coat. Pricing may also change throughout your dog’s life or from visit to visit. Pricing depends on several factors including, but not limited to

  • Dog’s size

  • Length of coat

  • Type and texture of coat

  • Frequency the pup is groomed

  • Desired style

  • All over hand scissor trims

  • Condition of coat and/or presence of matting

  • Dog’s behavior/temperament and how experienced he/she is with grooming


Small $35+

Medium $45+

Large $55+

X-Large $85+

Full Groom

Small $60+

Medium $85+

Large $105+

X-Large $135+


Small $60+

Medium $85+

Large $105+

X-Large $135+

Doodle Pricing

Mini Doodles

Bath $55+

Tidy $70+

Full Groom $100+

Standard Doodles

Bath $75+

Tidy $90+

Full Groom $120+

add ons & eXTRAS

Giant Doodles

Bath $100+

Tidy $160+

Full Groom $210+

Nail Grinding $10

Teeth Brushing $5

Blueberry Facial $5

Deep Coat Conditioning $6

Coconut Paw Rub $6

Glands $10

Epson Salt Soak or Scrub $7

Mediated Shampoo $7

Degreasing Bath $10+

Express Grooming $20-$40

Hand Stripping - Hourly Charge

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