Are you licensed?

Grooming does not, by law, require licensing or any kind of formal training.....Meaning any one can say they are a dog groomer and cut your dogs hair.

With that being said, I attended Academy of Animals Arts in Largo Florida and passed their exams with flying colors to become a professional Pet Stylist. I am also an active member of NDGAA & IGA where I am working on my Master Groomers Certificates. I also compete. I attend yearly grooming seminars as well as host seminars for local groomers. I am certified in Pet CPR and have many Academic Certificates related to grooming to make sure I am up to date on safety protocols, shampoos, ingredients and products, as well as techniques. 

Please, whoever you decide to let care for and groom your pup, ask questions. Ask what continuing education they do, are they certifying, do they compete, are they members of any associations, are they trained in k9 CPR. These are all important questions. And in turn why some groomers charge more then others. Education is not cheap and should not be put on the back burner. 

What if I can't make or keep my appointment?

Groomingdales requires a 24 hour notice of cancellation or reschedule. Since we are by appointment only, this notice allows us to fill the empty spot with someone on our waiting list. 

Cancellations or rescheduling can be done by texting us at 904-567-6886 or calling the shop at 904-683-7077

How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

We generally are booked 3-6 in advance at any given time. We highly recommend prebooking your pups future appointments to insure they have a spot as we just cant guarantee last minute day of or next day availability.

We start booking for Thanksgiving and Christmas in AUGUST! Yes, August. So please prebook your holiday spots.

How long will my dog be at the groomer?

Generally it takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours per dog. The time depends on how well your dog handles the process of bathing, drying, and clipping and varies from dog to dog. 

We will never rush your dog through the process. If they need a break, we give them one. We hope you understand this as your pets safety and care is our number one priority.

If your dog does require an express service, we do offer this at an additional fee. 

Do you take walk ins for grooming, baths, or nail trims?

No we do not. We are by appointment only. 

Will my dog have to be in a kennel?

Yes. For the safety of your pup and others, all dogs must be kept in a kennel until it is their turn for bath or haircut. We do not allow dogs to run around and mingle. 

What kind of shampoo do you use?

At Groomingdales we use the best of the best. We use a hypo, paraben free, pH balanced, non-toxic biodegradable, vitamin and protein fortified shampoo that is always gentle and mild for sensitive skin.

Can I leave my dog with you all day?

Unfortunately no. We have a limited number of cages to house dogs while in our care. We greatly appreciate if your dog can be picked up within 30 minutes of being finished. 

My dog has anxiety, can you accomadate that?

We work on a more one on one basis and do not keep dogs all day. Because of this, we are able to keep the salon much quieter which in turn keeps the pups much calmer. 

We also keep a diffuser on with essential oils to help keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 

What comes standard with your services?

Every package we offer comes with a bath (bathed twice to ensure your pup is squeaky clean), followed up by a light conditioner rinse, blow dried and fluffed out, brushed, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a spritz of breath freshener. 

In addition to our standard package, we offer desheds and breed standard or custom haircuts.

Why are your prices higher?

Grooming prices vary from shop to shop depending on skill level, education, overhead, constant rising cost of top notch products, etc.

At Groomingdales we pride ourselves in our education (and ongoing education), skill set, high quality products, shop cleanliness, and personalized service. Because of these factors are prices are set where we need them to be to continue operating while continuing our education in grooming as well as skin and coat care. 

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